Succesfull Innovate UK Funding Application – IDP14

The Fair Air Team has been succesful with a grant application for a feasibility study into the refurbishment of exisisting London taxis to be powered by the Cygnus Atratus Direct Ethanol Fuel Cell.

The objective of the feasibility study is to identify markets, procedures, commercial and technical challenges to focus development for market entrance. The study will form a crucial part of FairAir’s overall business plan.  In addition, it will stimulate ethanol providers to initiate rapid distribution and sales strategies to provide easy access to ethanol supply.


Press Release – Fair Air Turns Gas Guzzlers into Boozers

Londoners will soon be breathing easier after a quick dose of Moonshine. Fair Air Limited has been formed to rebuild London taxis into zero pollution ethanol powered fuel cell transport. Ubiquitous fume belching poisonous London cabs will be remanufactured using advanced on board fuel cell electrical generators powered by the energy in ethanol (alcohol).
Following taxis, municipal vehicles and buses will undergo the same treatment, making London’s transport the cleanest in the world. Novel fuel cell technology will eliminate the need for hydrogen for transport applications, replacing it with safe, easy to use ethanol, produced from waste. Ethanol is the same alcohol passengers drink in their G-n-T’s and Pints, although Fair Air does not suggest you drain the cabbies tank to satisfy your thirst.
The first taxis will appear on London streets in early 2020 with the prototype being demonstrated circumnavigating the world trip starting in late 2019. Tips welcome Guv!


The First Hydrogen Fuel Cell Taxi  (1998)


Website launch

The Fair Air website is live!