Fair Air in a Nutshell

Fair Air Limited designs, builds and markets ethanol fuel cell (EFC) powered vehicles for commercial and government markets. The company remanufactures existing vehicles regaining their original value after they have exceeded their conventional life.

The company’s launch market is the more than 25,000 London black taxi’s to be followed by municipal vehicles, busses and trams


The Opportunity


Cities are facing a crisis controlling local air pollution and green house gasses caused by municipal transport and commercial traffic. Illness caused by carbon pollution is rising with significant costs to both human misery and medical resources. The need for a solution is clear and achievable in a fundamentally financially sound strategy.


EFC technology holds the brightest promise to successfully meet the resource challenge of clean transport. EFC’s answer the major problem of fuel delivery, cost and financial viability. They are robust and efficient, reducing energy need by electrochemical production of electricity rather than thermo/mechanical combustion.


Competing fuel cell technologies such as proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEM) and direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC), have attracted much attention and investment to date. Neither technologies can be mass-produced at competitive costs to conventional power technology.

Who are we?

Fair Air Limited’s management team has unique experience in the building of fuel cell taxis and a considerable knowledge of other technologies. The team has extensive expertise both in the development of fuel cell taxis and refitting of existing vehicles. As a result, Fair Air can produce EFC taxis at comparable costs to existing technologies.